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Baahubali all set to create a VFX splash
Loaded with VFX splendor, Rajamouli’s film promises to be a visual extravaganza on an unprecedented scale. Director SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali is set to create a new benchmark for visual effects in Indian cinema. The film promises to be a visual effects extravaganza with over 4,500 VFX shots. This is a new record in Indian cinema, surpassing the likes of Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One and Hrithik Roshan’s Krishh 3.

Set in an imaginary medieval realm, the film is loaded with computer generated imagery that promises to blur the lines between real and imaginary. Producer Shobu Yarlagadda reckons the movie will be a ‘technical marvel’. “We want to offer the audience a real visual spectacle and have been working in that direction from the outset. It’s a period drama that will transport the audience into a world of ancient forts, palaces, epic war sequences and the works. The VFX is going to be the most crucial element in the movie. We have the best national and international experts working on the film,” says Shobu.

Srinivas Mohan is working as the VFX supervisor for the movie which has a slew of internationally renowned VFX artistes. Some of the visual effects are being done locally while some are being outsourced to foreign technicians around he world. Considering the scale and quality of the VFX work, the film is tipped to have the highest budget for VFX in Indian cinema.

Buzz is that the budget of the film is a staggering `100 crore. However, Shobu gets a little cagey when talking about the budget. “I cannot comment on that since I don’t know about the budgets of other films. It is a very expensive film,” he says.

Starring Prabhas, Rana, Anushka and Tamannaah in lead roles, the film is set for a 2015 release across all South Indian languages.



Animation – Career Guidance @ TASI

Q 1: What is Animation?

Animation is the art of movement. Animation is a combination of art, aesthetics and skills. The dictionary describes the word Animation as ‘to give life to’.

Q 2: I do not have any creative streak/genes in me. Is animation suitable for me?

Everybody has creative instincts; they just need to be encouraged, nurtured and taught. Agreed that ‘creativity’ is nature’s gift, some are more gifted others, but it is hard to believe that an average individual does not have any creative streak whatsoever. It is more likely that it may not have yet been realized and/or recognized.

Animation is a craft practiced by skilled people, and skills as we know can be acquired.

Q 3: Do I require drawing skills?

It is not compulsory. Animation is not an art of drawing, but an art of movement that has to be drawn. Having drawing skills or an artistic background is extremely helpful but not absolutely required. There is however another school of thought that believes that only those that can express their thought via drawings can become good animators. This thinking stems from the undisputable fact that it’s easier sometimes to draw and show rather than talk and explain!

Q 4: Isn’t animation just for kids?

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Endhiran – “Fashion Asia 2010” Award Nomination

Director Shankar got nominated in “Fashion Asia 2010” Awards as  “Endhiran The Robot”  has  selected  in  “ASIAN TOP FASHIONABLE MOVIE OF THE YEAR”  category.

I enjoyed watching Robot, It’s original and fresh: Oliver Stone

Excellent comments from Legendary Oliver Stone.

He said  about Endhiran The Robot “I enjoyed watching Robot, It’s original and fresh

Along with Supersrtar Rajini,  Director Shankar got deserving Compliments – Well done  Shankar sir .  Hard-work will always be recognized.