6 Responses to Images

  1. srinivas says:

    hats ups to shanker sir srinivas sir ……

  2. srinivas says:

    Hello sir..

    i watched THE ROBOT Movie is a Great Movie In Indian film industry… The Visual effects works are realy amazing… its our indian great vfx superviosor sir


  3. Prasanna says:

    helloo sir vasan sir no word to say sir

  4. christofer says:

    sir you are awesome .the graphics you made in robot is mind blowing……….i really hope that u will get oscar in future sir…………

  5. i watched robot movie 2 times and after ur session conducted in Bangalore Tasi. i watched again for 2 times and then i was really amazed to c that how u all have worked hard to make this movie possible in Indian buget. thanks for sharing all ur time and work process of vfx done in robot. wl look forward to attain all of ur class in vfx

  6. Raghu says:

    so….when are you making me white like Sivaji…my friend….cheers for your work. Raghu

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