Nano camera – Captures Z depth data of translucent objects

“Nano-camera” that can capture translucent objects, such as a glass vase, in 3-D   – MIT News Office Cam

Z Depth, Motion Scene Camera

India’s First Performance Capture (Facial) – Maatraan (Tamil Film)

In India, one more milestone in visual effects, happened today, i.e, Performance Capture (Facial) for Maatraan. It was made possible by team Maatraan.  I’m happy and thank full for the support and the involvement of  the  Director K.V.Anand sir, Actor Surya sir, Dop Soundar sir and  Producers AGS Entertainment for making this possible. Can’t reveal anything more at this stage about the project, or else I will have to face the wrath of K.V sir, to be exact, in his own words “I will kill U” .

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

1st Xbox Kinect 3D Scanning Test

Kinect 3D Scanning Test from Srinivas Mohan on Vimeo.


Codex – Arri Raw test -Alexa camera

“Endhiran The Robot”  Dop Mr.Randy did  Arri Raw test with Codex digital recorder in Alexa camera. I’m lucky to be part in it.    After shooting in Codex recorder with 12bit ArriRaw format, we have converted into DPX using ArriRaw converter then Randy sir did base grade in DI.  Then recoded on Kodak negative and printed and screened.  Results are amazing. Yes,  Digital latitude is matching with traditional film latitude. Now we need to go strong in digital data management and simpler work flows.

Codex – Arri Raw Alexa test with Mr.Randy (Dop)

Alexa Camera with Codex ArriaRaw recorder

3D video capture tool – 3D Chat ?

Hack turns Kinect into 3D video capture tool

AnimfxNZ Avatar

Excellent article in Fxguide 

Avatar Performance Capture Video

Light Stage brings The Robot to life in India

Light Stage brings The Robot to life in India

The Absolute Cheapest Way to Do a Dolly Move*

Toyota Auris 3D projection mapping

Virtual Cam for Visual effects – Previz, Games etc..