Animation – Career Guidance @ TASI

Q 1: What is Animation?

Animation is the art of movement. Animation is a combination of art, aesthetics and skills. The dictionary describes the word Animation as ‘to give life to’.

Q 2: I do not have any creative streak/genes in me. Is animation suitable for me?

Everybody has creative instincts; they just need to be encouraged, nurtured and taught. Agreed that ‘creativity’ is nature’s gift, some are more gifted others, but it is hard to believe that an average individual does not have any creative streak whatsoever. It is more likely that it may not have yet been realized and/or recognized.

Animation is a craft practiced by skilled people, and skills as we know can be acquired.

Q 3: Do I require drawing skills?

It is not compulsory. Animation is not an art of drawing, but an art of movement that has to be drawn. Having drawing skills or an artistic background is extremely helpful but not absolutely required. There is however another school of thought that believes that only those that can express their thought via drawings can become good animators. This thinking stems from the undisputable fact that it’s easier sometimes to draw and show rather than talk and explain!

Q 4: Isn’t animation just for kids?

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About Srinivas Mohan
Visual Effects Supervisor and CEO of Indian Artists Computer Pvt. Ltd. Honors & Awards: 3 Indian National Film Awards (Indian Oscar) in 2010 for the film “Endhiran The Robot” in 2007 for the film “Sivaji The Boss” in 2001 for Stereoscopic film “Magic Magic” FICCI Frames 2011 – “Endhiran The Robot” IIFA awards in 2011 – “Endhiran The Robot” Star Screen Award in 2011- “Endhiran The Robot” Global Indian Film & TV Honor in 2011- “Endhiran The Robot” William & Mary Global Film Can Award- “Endhiran The Robot”

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