Arena Multimedia Dilsukhnagar 13th Anniversary

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About Srinivas Mohan
Visual Effects Supervisor and CEO of Indian Artists Computer Pvt. Ltd. Honors & Awards: 3 Indian National Film Awards (Indian Oscar) in 2010 for the film “Endhiran The Robot” in 2007 for the film “Sivaji The Boss” in 2001 for Stereoscopic film “Magic Magic” FICCI Frames 2011 – “Endhiran The Robot” IIFA awards in 2011 – “Endhiran The Robot” Star Screen Award in 2011- “Endhiran The Robot” Global Indian Film & TV Honor in 2011- “Endhiran The Robot” William & Mary Global Film Can Award- “Endhiran The Robot”

One Response to Arena Multimedia Dilsukhnagar 13th Anniversary

  1. Below are some of Arena Students feedback. I’m very happy to see there feedback.

    “I am inspired by the legendary Artist and I thank Dilsukhnagar Arena for giving us such a big‘gift of life’.”

     “The presentation by Mr. Srinivas Mohan filled me with inspiration. He has shown us the hard work behind a film. I am very happy to have attended the program. Truly, it was the day of my life to meet such an accomplished professional.”

    “It was a recharging and thought-provoking day.”

     “I am happy that Mr. Srinivas sir gave us a glimpse of how our future will be through his presentation. I am already experiencing my future.

     “It turned out to be a rare day of learning for me. Mr. Srinivas Mohan’s presentation was impressive to say the least and it gave me lot of hope and encouragement. I’ve now decided what to do in future.”

     “The program by Mr. Srinivas Mohan has set me thinking as to why I can’t reach his position. I have a dream now and I am sure I can do it.”

    “I felt so inspired. I see my future in legends like Mr. Srinivas. The presentation has given me a clear idea about the scope of work in VFX. I am so glad to be a part of Dilsukhnagar Arena.”

    “A powerful presentation. Very inspiring and highly productive for VFX career aspirants like me.”

    “Anniversary day was a very big and important day for me. While listening to Mr. Srinivas Mohan, I felt that, one day, I must reach the same position. He is now my role model. Previously, I used to dream about getting a job, but after the seminar, I’ve decided that I must work hard and emulate Mr. Srinivas Mohan.”

     “Mr. Srinivas Mohan’s presentation was wonderful and it is a gift for me as the learning will be very useful to my career. I am thankful to Dilsukhnagar Arena for such a rare opportunity.”

     “Fantastic presentation by Mr. Srinivas on VFX. Very educative and inspiring.”

     “The presentation inspired me a lot to have a goal. I specially request Dilsukhnagar Arena to conduct many more such seminars which will be very useful to students to gain knowledge.”

     “I didn’t attend the Annual Day and I missed a golden opportunity to participate in Mr. Srinivas Mohan’s Seminar on the VFX of Robo. My friend said that they gained so much of valuable information about VFX and the production pipeline that I am now repenting that I missed it.”

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