The Animation Society of India – Endhiran Making of Presentaion

Endhiran Making of Presentation in “The Animation Society of India” (Tasi), Pune on 26 Feb 2011

Some more Pictures


About Srinivas Mohan
Visual Effects Supervisor and CEO of Indian Artists Computer Pvt. Ltd. Honors & Awards: 3 Indian National Film Awards (Indian Oscar) in 2010 for the film “Endhiran The Robot” in 2007 for the film “Sivaji The Boss” in 2001 for Stereoscopic film “Magic Magic” FICCI Frames 2011 – “Endhiran The Robot” IIFA awards in 2011 – “Endhiran The Robot” Star Screen Award in 2011- “Endhiran The Robot” Global Indian Film & TV Honor in 2011- “Endhiran The Robot” William & Mary Global Film Can Award- “Endhiran The Robot”

5 Responses to The Animation Society of India – Endhiran Making of Presentaion

  1. GANI says:

    Sir kojam clear ah sollamudiyumah what is this ? 🙂

    yu can scrap in orkut also

    I want 2 know abt this sir 🙂

    • On 26th Feb, I did a full day Visual effects workshop in pune on “Making of Endhiran” along with my friend Sanath. This was organized by TASI(The Animation Society of India). We had a nice time with excellent students. It was a nice interactive workshop.

  2. Anuva Iyer says:

    Thank you so much Sir…it was really an inspiring seminar for students like us…

  3. Jataveda Banerjee says:

    Sir yesterday’s workshop in Bangalore was very inspiring. I felt so inspired by the way you were sharing your experiences about the making of the film “Endhiran” and patiently answering each of the questions 🙂 I feel more motivated today… Thank you so much Sir.

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