“Global Indian Film & TV Honor” for “Robot” Visual Effects work

Yesterday(12th Feb) I was there in Mumbai  Yashraj Studio to receive this honor.  Thanks to Jury and  Big Thanks to Team “Endhiran The Robot”.

It was a great event with lot of  entertainment with big Bollywood and TV stars  and we had a nice time.


About Srinivas Mohan
Visual Effects Supervisor and CEO of Indian Artists Computer Pvt. Ltd. www.indianartists.co.in Honors & Awards: 3 Indian National Film Awards (Indian Oscar) in 2010 for the film “Endhiran The Robot” in 2007 for the film “Sivaji The Boss” in 2001 for Stereoscopic film “Magic Magic” FICCI Frames 2011 – “Endhiran The Robot” IIFA awards in 2011 – “Endhiran The Robot” Star Screen Award in 2011- “Endhiran The Robot” Global Indian Film & TV Honor in 2011- “Endhiran The Robot” William & Mary Global Film Can Award- “Endhiran The Robot”

One Response to “Global Indian Film & TV Honor” for “Robot” Visual Effects work

  1. Hey guys! please read this congratulatory poem composed by my friend Zameer.

    Thanks a lot Zameer.

    Read on…..

    Hi, Srinivas sir,

    You have waited for this moment
    Now, at last, it has come true
    You have finally reached the summit
    And, I am quite proud of you
    You are worthy of this triumph
    No one could deserve it more
    So, embrace this time before you
    Filled with happiness galore.

    You had trained for countless hours
    From dawn ‘til the setting sun
    Never knowing where the outcome
    Would lead, when this day was done
    You stayed focused on the challenge
    While you prepared to compete
    And the days ‘til now were worth it
    Your win has made them complete.

    You have longed for this occasion
    And at last, it has arrived
    Now, you stand above all others
    With your heart and soul revived
    From this time, you’ll travel onward
    Toward your future aspirations
    But this day, enjoy your moment
    With my warm congratulations
    on your ‘Global Indian Award’!

    – Zameer

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