*Half million views in one day – “Endhiran” Vfx work creating waves in youtube by foreigners

I just got to know from some visual effects group that this clip gain nearly half a million views only yesterday! with 6354 comments form non Indians.


About Srinivas Mohan
Visual Effects Supervisor and CEO of Indian Artists Computer Pvt. Ltd. www.indianartists.co.in Honors & Awards: 3 Indian National Film Awards (Indian Oscar) in 2010 for the film “Endhiran The Robot” in 2007 for the film “Sivaji The Boss” in 2001 for Stereoscopic film “Magic Magic” FICCI Frames 2011 – “Endhiran The Robot” IIFA awards in 2011 – “Endhiran The Robot” Star Screen Award in 2011- “Endhiran The Robot” Global Indian Film & TV Honor in 2011- “Endhiran The Robot” William & Mary Global Film Can Award- “Endhiran The Robot”

11 Responses to *Half million views in one day – “Endhiran” Vfx work creating waves in youtube by foreigners

  1. Teztigo says:

    Hi! I am impressed with your work in the film “Robot” – all these special effects are great! I am a professional artist and a great admirer of India and Indian culture (I traveled to India twice and I plan to visit the country more than once).
    It is thanks to this film, India will have a new level in world cinema, much better and more interesting for viewers around the world, you can be proud of!
    But I am very sad that this film outside of India are still very few people saw it!
    I hope that this film will be released in the world rolling in the short european version in the near future – look how many people around the world, seeing this movie, now looking for about “Endhiran” information! Thanks for your work!!

    • Teztigo says:

      मैं तुम्हें सफलता की कामना करता. और एक नया अच्छी फिल्म!
      I wish you success. And a new good movies!

  2. kppradeep says:

    Dear sir,
    You have done us proud. I know more than you or Shankar sir my Thalaivar Rajini sir would be very very happy for you. He is not only great Super Star but a Super Human and a Yogi. Waiting for that day when i can meet/talk with him for at least 10-20 min

  3. Andy says:

    Your work is taking the American creative community by storm. Wouldn’t be surprised if this eventually hits the 10-20,000,000 hits mark. Congratulations on your talent and success.

    Just wondering– what is that “2.0” techno song playing in the background? I’d love to purchase it.

    Good luck in your future work!

  4. Joost de Jong says:

    Thanks for this great film! It’s inspiring and crazy and super fun. I love the army sequence and it’s originality! I hope I will make something as original as this.

    Joost de Jong
    From The Netherlands

  5. Novel says:

    Thanks for your work! I’ve wondered watching your shots on Youtube.
    Great VFX and interesting actions make me breath fresh after present Hollywood movies-similar-like-twins with stupid dialogs.
    And I see all the moneys on the screen. It wonder Russians, cause we have great budget with terrible image 😦
    Wish u all the best.
    Use instead coping link from address bar button “send” with short URL checkbox marked. Your links will be like this: http://youtu.be/tmSGpe41ZvA

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